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1350 Aluminum Foil and Its Applications
- Aug 21, 2017 -

Pure aluminum is soft and malleable, but most applications require greater strength and different properties than pure aluminum can provide. This is accomplished by the addition of different types, quantities and combinations of alloying elements and/or through temper differences. 1xxx series alloys, such as 1350 aluminum, are extremely useful in many specialty applications.


Aluminum Alloy 1350 is a high (99.5% min.) aluminum-content alloy with small additions of silicon, iron, copper, manganese, and other elements. Alloy 1350 is highly conductive and has good formability. It is a non-heat treatable  aluminum and is the alloy of choice for electrical conductors. This alloy has excellent formability and corrosion resistance,since there are virtually no other metallic elements present, the integrity of the naturally occurring aluminum oxide film is not disrupted and less corrosion occurs.1350 O aluminum foil is mainly used for transformer winding.


There are two principal groups of wrought aluminum alloys heat treatable and non-heat treatable.Alloys in the 1xxx series are non-heat treatable, which means they cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. Any additional hardening must be done by cold work (strain hardening).

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