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3004 Aluminum Alloy And Its Applications
- Jul 19, 2017 -

3004 aluminum alloy belongs to the AL-Mn alloy. It is a rust-proof aluminum alloy,the strength of this alloy is not high (slightly higher than the industrial pure aluminum),  cold processing methods can improve its mechanical properties. In the annealing state it has high plasticity. As a wrought alloy, it is not used in casting.

The alloy composition of 3004 aluminium is: 

  • Aluminium: 95.6 to 98.2%

  • Copper: 0.25% max

  • Iron: 0.7% max

  • Magnesium: 0.8 to 1.3%

  • Manganese: 1.0 to 1.5%

  • Silicon: 0.3% max

  • Zinc: 0.25% max

  • Residuals: 0.15% max


The alloy 3004 is commonly used in the making of beverage cans. But it can also  be  used in the production and storage of chemical products, sheet metal processing parts, building materials, building baffle, cable pipe, sewer etc.  

3004-aluminium-foil .jpg

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