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7005,7020 and 7075 Aluminum Alloy's Characters
- Sep 11, 2017 -

7000 series  aluminum plates are high-end products in aluminum processing industry'. 7000 series aluminum plate mainly contain aluminum, zinc,magnesium and copper elements.

7000 series aluminum are widely used in aviation industry, is the aluminum magnesium zinc copper alloy. 7000 aluminum alloys are suitable for heat treatment; they are super-hard aluminum alloys, and have  good wear resistance. 7XXX-series alloys are used as aircraft materials, and in recent years, sporting goods such as ski poles and golf clubs are also made of 7000 series aluminum alloys. The common 7000 series aluminum alloy are 7005, 7020 and 7075 alloys.


They have the following three characteristics:

First, the physical performance is quite good. Compared with 5083 alloy (unsuitable for heat treatment), 7000 series aluminum alloy's corrosion resistance isgood.The the use of aging hardening can be obtained high strength. The adopt of T651 heat treatment in  7075 alloy can make solve the  residual stress that caused by T6 treatment and prevent the work-piece from contorted deformation during machining. Though T73 treatment can reduce the mechanical properties, it still of reduce the stress corrosion tendency.

Second, when accept natural aging , 7xxx alloy still can maintain high strength and be  sensitive to the crack.

Third,  when heated, 7000 series aluminum alloy are solid dissolved, so after the natural aging, the strength is reversible  which will improve the strength of welding seam.  

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