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Aluminium foil:At the Heart of the Packaging Industry
- Apr 07, 2017 -

Chocolatier,  best wines  closures as well as mineral waters and a fantastic BBQ, all made possible with aluminum foil.  

Here is what the experts say about packaging with aluminium foil:

Arno Steguweit, sommelier: “I am really looking forward to showing visitors at interpack the advantages of aluminium closures and addressing some of the doubts which have been expressed. Contrary to widespread opinion, aluminium closures can be found on top of wine and water bottles of all price categories and are not restricted to products of lesser quality. Indeed, because of the reclosability, after l take a tasting sample of some excellent wine or mineral water from a bottle with an aluminium closure l can be totally confident what remains in the bottle will maintain its quality and aroma for a long period.”

Georg Maushagen, chocolatier: “In the daily preparation or the presentation of products, the flexibility and formability of aluminium foil offers me two ways to implement my ideas creatively. Visitors to the Foil & Taste feature can look forward to seeing aluminium foil cornets filled with pleasurable spheres of taste experiences from the world of molecular cuisine.”

‘Mystery’ barista: “As a barista, I only use the best quality ingredients when preparing a coffee. This is the reason why I need packaging that does not affect the quality of that coffee and preserves it over a long period. Flexible packaging, made with aluminium foil, provides the best conditions for effective protection of the grounds or beans from external influences, until the moment of preparation.”

Ed van de Schootbrugge, European BBQ Champion 2012: “Aluminium foil is an integral part of a modern BBQ and opens up possibilities for numerous recipe variations. Meat, fish and vegetables can be perfectly prepared thanks to the heat resistance of household foil made from aluminium. And when there is something left from the last barbeque, aluminium foil is the ideal wrapping for taking home the grilled delicacies and keeping them clean and safe.”