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Aluminum Alloy Used For The Cell Phone Body
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Nowadays people are glued to their phones.But few may care about the material of the cell phone body.

The three leading smart phone producers - Apple Inc(the USA), Samsang  Corp.(South Korea) ,and Huawei Technologies (China) employ aluminum ,magnesium or titanium to the  cell phone body.

Titanium is gergeous , but the cost is high, moreover its density is high.(The density of Ti is  66.7% higher than that of Al).Magnesium is magnificent  and light , but its stength is lower than that of aluminum.Meanwhile, Mg does't have good corrosion resistance like aluminum;its price is also high. Thus,aluminum is now a good material for making cell  phone body.It is cheap, and of good performamce, and it is also easy for recycling.

High strength 7075 and 6013 aluminum alloys are used for the body of some large-screen smart phones. Aluminum alloy increases the cell phone body's bending strength and damage resistance, and decreased its thickness and weight.

To solve the poor  bending strength of hte  cell  phone body,   iPhone 6S  and   iPhone 6S plus use 7075 aluminum plate for theirs bodies.7075 aluminum alloy is of the highest strength among all aluminum alloys.It is the best aluminum alloy for the  cell phone body.