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Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy's Applications
- Sep 18, 2017 -

The uses that are given to the aluminum at the moment are multiple and we can divide them by sectors as follow.

 1.Electricity and communication

Aluminum has been progressively replacing copper since the 1950s on high voltage transmission lines and is currently one of the most economical ways to transport electricity, and it can do so more efficiently than copper (currently conductors are used of aluminum to transmit electricity to 700,000 volts or more). On the other hand, the aluminum also is also used for the antennas for televisions and satellites.

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During the last decade the use of aluminum in the automotive industry has increased steadily and the aluminum industry is dedicating important resources to increase its participation in this sector. This interest responds to ecological as well as economic criteria.

There are already some cars not only sport cars, but saloons of high range (Audi A8) and utilities (Audi A4) made entirely of aluminum. The use of this material in the manufacture of vehicles carries great environmental advantages: the lightness of the material supposes a reduction of the weight of the vehicle of up to 30%, which will contribute to the saving of fuel, since the vehicle requires less force and power to move, and therefore generates a lower percentage of pollution. In terms of recyclability, in North America and Europe more than 98% of the aluminum contained in cars is recovered and recycled. Also the rail sector also uses aluminum in its locomotives. For instance, an aluminum train brings energy savings of 87% over the 40 years of average life, compared to other trains made with heavier elements.

In the aerospace sector it is indispensable because of its lightness. Since the first airplane was manufactured, aluminum has been an important part of its construction and has replaced materials that were used in its early stages, such as wood and steel. In fact, the first aluminum airplane was manufactured in the 1920s and since then continues to be linked to this sector thanks to the combination of strength, lightness and malleability.

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3.Building and Construction

In Spain and other Mediterranean countries, in the construction sector, the use of aluminum is mostly in comparison to other metals. Demand has grown considerably over the last 50 years and is currently used in window and door structures and other structures such as decks for large areas and stadiums such as France in Paris and the new European Parliament in Brussels. On the other hand, more and more, designers, architects and artists use aluminum for ornamental and decorative purposes such as Dumia, a dome made entirely of aluminum and measuring more than five meters in height and 12 in diameter, located in the plaza Real de Torino, or the Shanghai Communications Tower.

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In this sector, the applications are multiple and range from the manufacture of cans, the wrapping paper, the layer .

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