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Aluminum foil packaging materials on the road to health and environmental protection, green pioneer
- Feb 12, 2017 -

Green packaging refers to environmental pollution, recycling, easily degradable, new packaging materials that can be recycled, Baxter green foil bag packaging is part of this one of a kind product, its pure material selection imports green polyethylene and aluminum foil, and manufactured products comply with environmental requirements in Europe and America, said Baxter foil bag to create a domestic green of the first aluminum-plastic composite packaging materials.
In today, health Green is social consumption need of theme, national constantly introduced various policy law on food and the packaging material for specification, strive to reached food packaging material of cycle using, environmental health of requirements, and hundred special foil bags of appeared is conform to has David on food packaging of development requirements, led has environmental foil bags packaging of national standards, for some much industry and food field of attention, national related sector also give has height evaluation and related support, Believes the domestic aluminum foil bag manufacturer Baxter foil bags for the pursuit of the goal, set the priority in the development of environmental protection and quality, China's aluminum foil composite packaging materials on the road to health and environmental protection.