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Do you know What are the aluminum alloys for cans ?
- Aug 30, 2017 -

Cans are now the most commonly used beverage packaging pattern. Aluminum cans are mainly composed of three different components of aluminum alloy combination: 3004 aluminum alloy (for can stock) , 5052  aluminum alloy ( cover ) 5182 aluminum alloy( pull ring). Aluminum alloy is the key to the can.

Can body is mainly made of 3004 aluminum alloy. 3004 aluminum alloy is much like 3003  aluminum alloy.Its formability, solubility, corrosion resistance are good. It is widely used for  processing products that require good forming performance, high corrosion resistance .As the aluminum itself has a good antioxidant, the aluminum can body can prevent the oxidation and corrosion caused by the carbonated drinks.


Can cover/cap is mainly made of 5052 aluminum alloy,and the ring -pull is 5182 aluminum alloy. 5052 alloy and 5182 alloy belong to Al-Mn alloy, They are of  good corrosion resistance, weldability,and  moderate strength.Besides,the cold workability is good.After polish treatment their surface is very smooth and bright. But compared with 5052 aluminum alloy, 5182 aluminum  alloy’s magnesium content is higher, and added with a small amount of silicon, 5182 aluminum alloy’s   weldability is better than that of 5052 aluminum alloy.Thus 5182 alloy is used for the  ring- pull ,5052 aluminum alloy the cover/cap. 

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