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How to Prevent Aluminum Foil From Corrosion
- Sep 11, 2017 -

(1) Strengthen the management of air -drying to ensure that there is no water in the compressed air.

(2) Strengthen the management of rolling oil.The water content in the rolling oil should be less than 0.04%.

(3) The packaging of aluminum foil rolls should be sealed, and a proper amount of desiccant should be put into each roll.


(4) The humidity of wooden shaft, wooden case should be under 18%.  l Make sure the temperature should not surpass  45 ℃ when the aluminum foila are packed.

(5) When the aluminum foils are transferred to  a place where the temperature and humidity is higher that the place it is stored, do not open the sealed packaging immediately.

(6) Do not store aluminum foil at dilapidated workshops or warehouses that are easy to be attached by rain and snow.