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Main and Transfer Bus Arrangement
- Oct 18, 2017 -

                                   Such type of arrangement uses two type of busbar namely, main busbar and the auxiliary bus bar. The busbar arrangement uses bus coupler which connects the isolating switches and circuit breaker to the busbar. The bus coupler is also used for transferring the load from one bus to another in case of overloading. The following are the steps of transferring the load from one bus to another.

1. The potential of both the bus bar kept same by closing the bus coupler.

2. The bus bar on which the load is transferred is kept close.

3. Open the main bus bar.

Thus, the load is transferred from the main bus to reserve bus.


Advantages of Main and Transfer Bus Arrangement

1. The continuity of the supply remains same even in the fault. When the fault occurs on any of the buses the entire load is shifted to the another bus.

2.The repair and maintenance can easily be done on the busbar without disturbing their continuity.

3.The maintenance cost of the arrangement is less.

4. The potential of the bus is used for the operation of the relay.

5.The load can easily be shifted on any of the buses.

Disadvantages of Main and Transfer Bus Arrangement

1. In such type of arrangements, two bus bars are used which increases the cost of the system.

2. The fault on any of the bus would cause the complete shutdown on the whole substation.