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Mirror Aluminum and Its Applications
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Mirror aluminum is of high brightness, high gloss. It is often used in  curtain wall of buildings, ceiling etc.

Mirror aluminum is high-strength aluminum, it is processed by variety of professional processing machinery, and it does not require a lot of manual processing.Meanwhile it is easy to maintain mirror aluminum products. Mirror aluminum plate can be used as a reflective material for lighting fixtures, which can enhance the light efficiency of more than 60% and save energy.Through the mirror reflection effect, mirror aluminum for interior decoration can make the expansion of space. Mirror aluminum can also be used for solar collector reflective material, building curtain wall, household appliances panel, electronic products shell, furniture, kitchen, car interior and exterior decoration, signs, logo, luggage, jewelry boxes etc.

Mirror aluminum is an essential to reflect material for lighting. It is like a mirror-like surface to give the best reflective surface of the lighting, greatly improving the luminous efficiency of the lamp, thereby saving energy consumption. Mirror aluminum is particularly suitable for commercial lighting, such as grille lights, tunnel lights, explosion-proof lights, etc.