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On thickness aluminum plate bending problems
- Feb 18, 2017 -

Aluminum bending coefficients regularly, generally aluminum thickness of 0.8 times, such as 3mm, aluminum bending coefficient is 2.4,5mm aluminum bending coefficient is 4.
Use a knife knife is commonly used, it is better to too much stress with a straight sword knife, aluminum easily cracked.
Causes of cracking aluminium plate bends 180 degrees
1, bend the edges with aluminum plate parallel to the rolling direction, which is very easy to crack, bend direction 90 degrees.
2, 180-degree bend angle too much, to be greater than the minimum bend RADIUS, bend RADIUS is 1.5 times times the thickness
3, material reasons, aluminum alloy, good toughness is pure aluminum plate, easy to crack.
4, plate thickness is too thick, bent 180 degrees out of the bending limit.