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Single Bus-Bar Arrangement With Bus Sectiona
- Oct 15, 2017 -

In this type of busbar arrangement, the circuit breaker and isolating switches are used. The isolator disconnects the faulty section of the busbar, hence protects the system from complete shutdown. This type of arrangement uses one addition circuit breaker which does not much increase the cost of the system.

Advantage of single Bus-bar Arrangement with Bus Sectionalization


The following are the advantages of sectionalized bus bar.

1.The faulty section is removed without affecting the continuity of the supply.

2. The maintenance of the individual section can be done without disturbing the system supply.

3. The system has a current limiting reactor which decreases the occurrence of the fault.

Disadvantages of Single Bus-Bar Arrangement with Sectionalization

The system uses the additional circuit breaker and isolator which increases the cost of the system.