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Talking about China aluminum's primary standard
- Feb 15, 2017 -

(1) enterprise standard
Production of the products is not national standards, industry standards and local standards, should develop appropriate business standards as a basis for organizing production, the standard procedures to be in accordance with the regulations require local technical supervision for the record for the record. Quality and technology supervision system is localized management and market supervision, after sampling, to local quality and technical supervision to access record-keeping standards in order to determine eligibility. Product inspection of production enterprises can for the first time and bring forward the follow-up inspection process and results, and take the appropriate measures. Such as materials, construction using aluminium profiles and decorative profiles and export profile and so on.
(2) GB 5237.1~5-2008﹑GB 5237.6-2004
Architectural aluminum profile implementation of these standards, that is, as long as the aluminum alloy profiles used for building industry and its products must be GB 5237.1~5-2008, GB 5237.6-2004 mandatory standards and product quality control.
(3) the GB/T 6892-2006 of the aluminium and aluminium alloy extruded profiles for general use
Industrial with aluminum collection profile is refers to except building doors and Windows, and curtain wall and the indoor outside decorative with aluminum profile yiwai of other aluminum extrusion profile, except individual products implementation its dedicated standard outside, most implementation standard for GB/T 6892-2006 General with industrial aluminum and the aluminum extrusion profile, products main should for aviation space, and traffic, and track vehicles, and electronic electrical, and sports equipment, and thermal device, and decorative, and power energy, and oil chemical, and mechanical manufacturing, industrial field.