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The Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Plates For Automobile
- Jul 04, 2017 -

Aluminum alloy used in the automobile is of  significant energy-saving effect and  light  weight, but also  meet safety and environmental protection and the development trend of automotive materials.All of these attribute to aluminum alloy's  significant economic and social benefits. Automobile body weight takes lager portions of the weight of in the vehicle, so to reduce the weight of automobiles, it's crucial to the find automobile body materials with lighter weight and  high-performance .

In China, steel plate is widely used for the automobile body instead of aluminum alloy plate.As the price of aluminum alloy is about  two times higher than that of  steel, and the stamping of aluminum alloy steel is more difficult than ordinary steel plate. These two problems plagued the use of aluminum alloy plate for automotive body applications. But with the  development of science and technology these problems will be solved soon.

 First, the improvement and progress of smelting technology will increase the productivity so that the unit price of aluminum alloy will  be  in the trend of decline. Meanwhile, environmental concept gradually increased worldwide,   automobile manufacturers are required to  aluminum alloy by improving technology and reducing cost.

 Secondly ,by improving the process such as heat treatment process and rolling process, the aluminum alloy plate's  stamping property can be enhanced.

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