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The Characters of 1000 Series Aluminum
- Sep 11, 2017 -

1.1000 series aluminum’s is light and bright

The density of 1000 series aluminum is close to 2700kg/m3. Aluminum foil and aluminum plate have lustrous surfaces.

 2.1000 series aluminum can be strengthened 

Cold processing can increase 1000 series aluminum’s strength. And by adding magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, silicon, lithium, scandium and other elements of alloying to 1000 series aluminum alloy, and then through heat treatment, its strength can be further enhanced to the level of steel.

3. Easy to process

 All casting methods are acceptable for 1000 series aluminum. 1000 series aluminum has good plasticity, and can be rolled into thin plate and foil, or extruded into pipe and filament etc.

4.Good corrosion resistance

1000 series aluminum and other aluminum alloys’ surface are easy to produce a dense layer of protective film. This film only under the influence of halogen ions or alkali ions will be destroyed. Therefore, aluminum has a good resistance to the atmosphere corrosion and water corrosion (including industrial atmospheres and marine large steam). And they can resist the corrosion of most acid and organic matter. If  corrosion inhibitor is adopted, aluminum can withstand weak alkali liquid.   

5. No low-temperature brittleness

Under 0℃, as the temperature decreases, the strength and plastic injustice of aluminum will not decrease, instead they will be improved.

6. High conductive and good thermal conductivity

1000 series aluminum’s conductivity generally is over 60%.  

7. High reflectance

Aluminum polished surface to white light reflectivity of more than 80%, the higher the purity, the higher the reflectivity. At the same time, aluminum on infrared, ultraviolet, electromagnetic wave, thermal radiation, etc. have good reflective performance.

8. No magnetism, no spark of impact.

9. Aluminum can absorb sound and noise.

10. Aluminum is of radiation resistance.