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The Difference between Cold Rolled Aluminum Plate and Hot rolled Aluminum Plate
- May 19, 2017 -

The difference between cold-rolled aluminum plate and hot rolled aluminum plate is as follow.


1.The production process 

Casting machines process the aluminum  into casting rolling coils  (8mm in thickness).Then the casting rolling coils are processed by cold rolling machines. While,on hot rolling fabrication, aluminum plate ingots (400-500mm in thickness)  have to receive heating treatment by  hot rolling mill.


2.Raw materials

The  billet for cold rolling is made of casting roll.While the billet  for  hot rolling billet is made of casting aluminum ingot.By heating and then rolling ,the aluminum billet becomes aluminum coil. 

3.The performance

 Hot-rolled aluminum plate’s surface quality is  better than that of cold rolled aluminum plate.Meanwhile. Hot-rolled aluminum plate’s  mechanical properties and ductility can be strong,and its oxidation effect is good .


Cold-rolled aluminum plate is mainly  used for mold products,and  hot-rolled aluminum plate is suitable for product that requires stamping elongating.