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The Difference of Mechanical Working Aluminum and Die-casting Aluminum alloy
- May 02, 2017 -

1.On difference of materials 

Casting aluminum alloy are made of ADC12 or AlSi9Cu3,while mechanical working aluminum 6063 or 6061 aluminum.

2.On differences of shaping  

Through die-casting,aluminum alloy be can shaped for different forms ,which equivalents to plastic injection molding process.For instance,street lamp's shells are usually made of die-casting aluminum.While due to cross section shapes of machine working aluminum,they are mainly used for heat sink of bulbs,doors and windows .  

3.On differences of conductivity 

The general conductivity of die-casting  aluminum is about 80-90W / M.K, while the car-aluminum thermal conductivity is about 180-190W / M.K.

4.On difference of costs

The cost of die-casting aluminum and mechanical aluminum is just relatively.Both are calculated by weight and mechanical working.Generally speaking,the cost of die-casting aluminum is higher. 

5.On difference of producing efficiency 

Producing efficiency of die-casting aluminum is certainly much higher than that of meachniacl working aluminum.  

6.On difference of application 

Die-cast aluminum is widely used in the automobile industry,street lights and the mobile phone industry.Mechanicalworking aluminum in the down light,ceiling,lamps as well as doors and windows etc.