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The Origin and Solutions of Burrs& Chatter Marks on Aluminum Materials (1)
- May 10, 2017 -

"Burrs" and " Chatter Marks " are common defects in the extruded aluminum materials. " Burrs " are not ovivious, without careful observation or hand touch you may not find them. Chatter marks are the result of a  relative concentrated granules on the surface of the aluminum .

Detriment: in the procssing of teh oxidation and  electrophoresis aluminum matrial , and spraying aluminum, it is difficult to remove burrs and chatter marks.,which affects the surface of the aluminum profile, generating defecive products.

Generally, manufacturers use sandblasting treatment on the surface , and then adopt the  powdering or painting tratment. And the effect is clear. However,the oxidation of the photoelectric material is very difficult to deal with, causing  great  troubles to the aluminum extrusion process.Therefore, it is important to observe, summarize and take appropriate measures in practice to reduce or avoid  such defects.

The inappropriate design of mold , the  improper extrusion parameters ,as well as  casting  rod’s  defects  are likely to form a clay in the cavity , and ultimately results  burrs and  chatter mark