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What Are the Differences Between Aerospace Aluminum Alloy and Ordinary Aluminum Alloy
- Jul 13, 2017 -

Aerospace aluminum is a kind of ultra-high strength deformed aluminum alloy, which is widely used in aviation industry. It has good mechanical and processing properties, good plasticity (after solid solution treatment), good heat treatment effect, etc.  It has high strength in 150 ℃ (or even higher)  and good toughness .

Compared with ordinary aluminum alloy,  aerospace aluminum's  strength, hardness, toughness, fatigue resistance and plasticity of aircraft are higher. Because  aviation aluminum is light  than steel,aluminum alloy 

has replaced steel and occupies the leading position of current aviation material. The requirement of aviation equipment for aluminum is high, and it is an important high-end application market for aluminum.

There are many kinds of aluminum alloys used on airplanes.  The main aluminum alloys for aircraft structure  

are mainly 2xxxx aluminum  alloy(2024, 2017, 2A12) and 7xxx aluminum alloy(7075, 7475, 7050, 7A04, etc.)

In addition  some 5 xxx aluminum alloy (5a06, 5052, 5086, etc.) and 6 xxx aluminum alloy (6061, 6082, etc.) are also uesd in aviation industry.

The follwing cliaclassification may be helpful to undertand the difference of aluminum alloys.

1.Hard aluminum: aluminum-magnesium copper alloy.It is the most widely used aluminum alloy in aviation industry.   2024、2A12、2017A aluminum alloy belong to this aluminum alloy.  This aluminum alloy is widely used to make skins, bulkhead, wing ribs of airplanes,sice it is of high stength, high toughness, anti-fatigue, good plasticity .

2.Superhard aluminum: aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper alloy. 7075, 7a09 aluminum alloy belong to this aluminum alloy.  This aluminum alloy is used to manufacture wing surface skin, beam, etc, as its

strength limit and yield strength is high,.

3.Rust-proof aluminum alloy:   5a02, 5a06, 5b05. It has high corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, good plasticity and weldability,and is used to make mailboxes, tubing, etc.

4, Forging aluminum alloy:   6a02 aluminum alloy.It has  high hardness, good corrosion resistance,mainly used to fabricate engine parts, connectors, etc.

5. Casting aluminum alloy. It is of good  corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, mainly used for engine casing and so on.