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Why Aluminum Alloy Cable Is Better Than Copper Cable and Non-alloy Aluminum Cable
- Sep 12, 2017 -

1 The extension performance aluminum alloy cable

Elongation is an important index of the mechanical properties of the conductor. After annealing ,the elongation of aluminum alloy cable can reach 30%, while the copper’s elongation is 25%.

2.The flexibility of aluminum alloy alloy cable

Torsion testing mainly test the toughness of metal wire, high toughness aluminum alloy wire can withstand more twists. Ordinary aluminum wire is brittle,  installed for just one or several time with some twists, the conductor will generate cracks, and cracks will emit heat and be corroded, which will bring about fire.

With good toughness aluminum alloy cable will not produce cracks in installation.This makes aluminum alloy cable safer than non-alloy aluminum cable.  

3.The bending performance of aluminum alloy cable

Bending testing mainly test bending resistance of metals.Metal materials that are uneven or brittle are of poor bending resistance.

According to GB / T12706, the bending radius of the copper cable is 10-20 times of the cable diameter, while the aluminum alloy cable bending radius should be over 7 times of the cable diameter. Thus  aluminum alloy cable can takes less space.  
4.Rebound performance of aluminum alloy cable

Tests have proved that at room temperature, bent by 90 degrees, the stress of copper aluminum alloy  and aluminum alloy cable is released, the  rebound angle of  aluminum alloy cable is 60% of the copper. As the aluminum alloy cable has no memory, so the rebound performance is better than the copper cable, in the installation process of the terminal connection aluminum alloy cable is easy to compact and it will improve the stability of the connection

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