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French Mining Company AMR Obtains Guinea's Operating License
- Jun 12, 2017 -

The French mining company Alliance Minière Responsable (AMR) has obtained an operating permit from the President of the Republic of Guinea Alpha Condé for its project located in the territory of the Boké prefecture in the north of the country. The license covers a perimeter of 148 km2. The grant gives AMR the right to operate the project for  15 years, renewable several times for five-year periods.

AMR's objective is to develop the Boké project in the short term by committing to three essential values: industrial quality, integrating environmental and social aspects from the outset of the project and transparency to the Guinean authorities and the populations.

"Licensing is a new milestone in achieving our goal of bringing the Boké deposit into operation by early 2019. Several scenarios are currently being considered to complete this project, which requires some 200 million Investment dollars. We are optimistic about achieving this goal, "says Romain Girbal, co-founder and president of AMR.

Initial estimates have determined that the permit contains 430 million tonnes of bauxite resources with only 2.7% silica content. These resources make it possible to envisage a production of 5 million tons per year by the beginning of 2019. The company obtained in September 2016 the Certificate of Environmental Compliance issued by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests.