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Aluminium Will Account For 16% Of Curb Weight Of Automobile
- Aug 05, 2017 -

Aluminum alloy  improves the performance of automobiles and  makes it lighter.In recent years, aluminum alloy in the automotive   has been increasing.   Automobiles' engines, heat exchangers, turbocharger, gearbox, wheels and body parts are made of aluminum alloy. The stamping performance of aluminum alloy plate has been close to or exceeds the steel plate, therefore IT  can replace the steel plate to  make the car body.

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Europe , United States and other developed countries' automotive industry attaches great importance to automotive energy-saving and environmental protection, aluminum alloy in the automotive lightweight and the use of the proportion of year to improve.But in China aluminum alloy just account for a small part of automobile's curb weight.

Recently ,a study by an America company  determined that the percentage of high-strength, low-weight aluminium used in vehicles is expected to rise faster over the next decade . The study found that the average total aluminium content per vehicle is expected to rise from 397 pounds in 2015 to 565 pounds by 2028, which will make up 16 percent of the vehicle’s total weight.