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Aluminum,A Realistic Soultion To Building Materials
- Mar 25, 2017 -

Buildings are part of our lives – at home, at work, when shopping or eating out. As prosperity increases, so do the demands on our buildings. The hierarchy of needs extends from shelter, warmth and security to more aesthetic needs such as decor and ambiance. Aluminium products can fulfill these requirement by providing efficient solutions from stylish curtain wall systems to ultra modern furniture and lighting.Aluminium offers an almost unlimited life expectancy and evidence of this is all around us. Some striking examples are the aluminium sheets installed more than a century ago to clad the dome of Rome’s San Gioacchino church, the aluminium components installed in New York’s Empire State Building (the first building to use anodised aluminium) and the statue of Eros (only recently cleaned and renovated) in London’s Piccadilly Circus. Their excellent condition bears witness to the fact that aluminium does not age in the way that organic materials do and needs no protection from ultraviolet light. In addition, the cast and wrought aluminium alloys used in building combine properties of durability and high resistance to weathering or atmospheric attack, both in industrial and marine environments. 

Usulally A1050/A1060(H14) aluminum plate, A1100 aluminum plate, A1235 aluminum sheet and A3003/A3012 aluminum palte are widely used for building materials.

To meet the architect’s decorative requirements, aluminium can be anodised or painted, which can further enhance the material’s natural durability and corrosion resistance, and also provide easy-to-clean surfaces.