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Aluminum Alloy:Help The Development Of New Energy Cars
- May 09, 2017 -

The 2017 Shanghai International Auto Show just concluded.Totally 1400 vehicles from 18 countries and regions have participated the "contests". Except a variety of luxury cars,at the appeal of the reduction for car energy-saving emission and the development of light-weight cars, a total of 159 new energy car’s  debut is pretty eye-catching . 

Due to its low  density, good corrosion resistance,   excellent moldability ,easy of  recovery as well as other excellent performances, aluminum is a preferred material for new light weight energy vehicles.With the domestic manufacturers and parts manufacturers continue to improving their technology and products,domestic aluminum alloy are increasingly used in the new energy vehicles industry.

For example, Beiqi booth exhibited pure electric small SUV (ARCFOX-1),its aluminum alloy body skeleton structure, and large number of non-metallic composite material outside cover, to a certain extent reduced its body weight.

Weilai Company , as a newcomer  displayed its ES8-type household electric vehicles,whose body frame is 100% aluminum  material.To make the car light, even its dynamo and battery packs are aluminum materials. 

In the new energy commercial vehicles, the application of aluminum alloy is also deepening. At the Auto Show, Suzhou Auche Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. brought the company's newly-designed  5 logistics vehicles .With a combination of the  whole aluminum body and new energy dynamic , it redefined the new Energy logistics vehicle for city use.