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Aluminum Foil Food Function
- Feb 17, 2017 -

Aluminum foil containing commonly used for food (such as: aluminum foil trays), when on the grill used to wrap with bean sprouts, potato, sweet potato and BBQ, so as not to scorch them. Sometimes used as decoration. Modern foil is made of aluminum, and aluminum can also be used as electrodes for electrolysis. Also have a hair stylist to foil perm for the guests. Foil is also used to absorb oil in the soup. Foil is also widely used in insulation, heat exchange, and as a conductor. Typically, as a paper-packed drinks packaging, food packaging bags, aluminum foil thickness of just 6.5 microns. This thin layer of aluminum are waterproof, keeping umami, bacteria and stain-proof.
Reception food
Aluminum foil tray for storage of food is common, although aluminum foil disposable tableware, but ingredients are aluminium, less harmful to nature.
Some foods (such as dishes with mushrooms and sweet potatoes, etc) must be burned using foil wrapped to avoid burning. Paper wrapped with aluminum foil to cook seafood, mushrooms and vegetables to retain flavor.
Some hairdressers will use aluminum foil bag of hair, to heat the hair, has better heat transfer. Aluminum foil used incorrectly can lead to sunburn, hair problems.
Oil absorption
Open Cha foil into a ball, can absorb the oil in the soup. In the course of principle crumpled aluminum foil, foil amplification of surface tension.