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Aluminum For Automobile Continues To Increase
- Aug 16, 2017 -

According to a  industry research institute , 1-6 months cumulative production is 30.25 million tons, a cumulative increase of 9%.

In recent years, construction aluminum accounted for the proportion of China's aluminum demand is always more than 30%. Construction aluminum and real estate investment growth rate is relatively high.But real estate to inventory pressure is still large, is expected in the next few years, real estate investment growth will decline, accordingly the growth of construction aluminum demand will decrease too.

Aluminum for automobile is currently the second largest demand area of aluminum. in recent years, automobile growth rate has remained at 10% or more. It is one of the fastest growing downstream industry of aluminum.

In the electric and power  industry, aluminum is mainly used for wire and cable, transformer coil, induction motor rotor, busbar etc . With the growth of Chinese power grid infrastructure investment and  the development of consumer electronics industry,  the power electronics industry demand for aluminum will continue to maintain rapid growth.