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Aluminum Industry News Weekly Review (May 15-19)
- May 22, 2017 -

1.Electrolytic Aluminum Production Monitoring In April 2017

In April 2017 the national electrolytic aluminum smelting enterprises total output  308.1670 million tons aluminum ,increased by 9.4927  million tons ,compared with last month.

2.Alumina production capacity is still in short supply 

2017 alumina supply status:the new producing capacity is about 6.15 million tons,and will be put into marketd in the second quarter.   
3.Ministry of Industry: promote non-ferrous metals enterprises to go to the world

On a press conference of Report on Industry Capacity Cooperation along One Belt One Road Countries and Areas , Xin Guobin,Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry said with regard to industry cooperation,China arranged for some related industry associations, enterprises  to go to  Saudi Arabia,the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, India and other countries for exchange and connection; guided  steel and other industries to  build factories on abroad. In terms of aluminum industries,Pavlo Dahl a China joint-venture electrolytic aluminum investment projects in Kazakhstan is on the agenda.

4.Russian aluminum industry: 1Q profit increases   

RURAL reported on last Wednesday that Arousal's profit in the first quarter was $ 434 million, an increase of  $ 149 million in the same period of last year. With the increasing number of automotive aluminum worldwide, the company expects aluminum demand in the first quarter  in  the year 2017  may increase by 5.5% ,totaled 15 million tons.   

5.US raw aluminum production in April and aluminum products shipped  declined

US aluminum products shipments in April totaled  115,642.5 tons, fell by 0.4 percent; compared to 2016 annual shipments decreased by 4.2% . The US Metal Association data show that in April,the original US aluminum production was 60,023 tons, compared with the previous month and the same period last year were reduced by 4.4%.