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Aluminum Output Down,China Aluminum Price Rise
- Jul 10, 2017 -

China’s aluminum output was 3.09 million tonnes in June, up 20.2% YoY, with daily output approximately 103,000 tonnes. As of July 4, major aluminum producers in China have started production cuts, totally involving about 400,000 tonnes as of July 4.

SMM predicts China’s aluminum output to reach 3.19 million tonnes in July, but the year-on-year growth is estimated to slow down to 19.3%.Output cut news has been released continuously since mid-June,and noe ot takes it's toll on aluminum price.Since last week aluminum price has beening soaring.Today,Changjaing Sopt aluminum price bounce back, reached a gain of CNY 13950 ($ 2051).Meanwhile the LME aluminum price is afftcted by China's aluminum output cutting.Last Friday, LME aluminum price was 1920 $.