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Application Of Aluminum Foil Packaging
- Feb 27, 2017 -

Foil is widely used in automobile manufacturing, textiles, electronics, machinery and electronic industry, aerospace industry, packaging industry, building industry, the shipbuilding industry, is an important industrial raw materials.
At present, China's annual consumption of 161,300 tons of aluminum foil. China foil market consumption maximum of products is air conditioning foil; second is smoke foil, China is world maximum of cigarette production and consumption country, cigarette packaging years consumption smoke foil up 35,000 tons, accounted for to double 0 foil consumption total of 60%; three is decorative foil, building industry in the with in insulation, and moisture and the decorative material, currently China building, and appliances industry has formed decorative foil of application boom; four is cable foil, using foil of closed sex and shield sex, as line cable of shield. More than 4 varieties of foil consumption accounted for more than 70% of total aluminum consumption in China. Pharmaceutical foil, automotive, electronic foil foil aluminum foil and flexible packaging foils also has become an important consumer market growth.
Get rid of cigarette packaging, foil packaging applications include: Aluminum-Plastic compound bag, foil blister packs of medicines and chocolate packaging. Some high-end beer also bottle wrapped in aluminum foil.