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Changjiang Base Metal: Slightly Round Down
- Apr 10, 2017 -

Aluminum and copper saw a decrease on this morning’s premarket trading but prices were still high.Aluminum wintnessed a insignifancant redeuction of RMB20(2.92usd)/Ton,gained to 13820 RMB/Ton.

Participants have been started to refocus on the Trump/Xi meeting , extendinding through a working lunch at which point US concerns about China's trade practices and North Korea will be aired more forcefully.

Accorndig to Reuters Trump has made reducing U.S. trade deficits a key focus of his economic agenda to try to grow American manufacturing jobs. He has taken particular aim at renegotiating trade relationships with China and Mexico.

The Axios news website earlier quoted an official saying such an executive order would likely target steel and aluminum, two industries that are battling for more protection from Chinese imports. Axios said it also may target household appliances, where South Korean manufacturers with Chinese factories have gained market share.