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China Die Casting 2017: Entering The World’s Largest Die Casting Market
- May 11, 2017 -

The die casting industry in China is growing at an enormous rate. The reason: the rapid development of the Chinese automotive industry in the past few years. The mega city of Shanghai is playing a key role in this process. It is home to the largest location of automotive manufacturers and their suppliers in China and thus also the perfect location for the International Diecasting Congress and Exhibition, which from 19 to 21 July 2017 in Shanghai will already be held for the 12th time. Since 2013, the co-organizer, NürnbergMesse China, has been extremely successful in staging this trade fair. At this year’s event, around 350 exhibitors (2016: 295) and 15,000 trade visitors (2016: 12,032) from the automotive, electronics and mechanical and plant engineering sectors are expected. For German and European companies, China Diecasting is a good opportunity to get to know the flourishing Chinese die casting market and open up new business potential.


“China is currently the world’s largest die casting market and, for that reason, very exciting for many of our customers. At the same time, the uncertainty with regard to the unfamiliar economic system and cultural differences are great”, says Christopher Boss, director Exhibitions at NürnbergMesse in charge of the Euroguss trade fair in Nuremberg as well as the worldwide die casting events. “That is why we are accompanying our customers step by step and offering interested companies various services enabling them to get to know the Chinese market. This starts with participating in a travelling delegation, which involves visiting the fair, the congress and companies locally, extends to booking an all-round carefree package including participation in a pavilion up to an individual stand. In the process, all the important services necessary for the perfect entry into the Asian market are provided from one source, as our customers are familiar with from Euroguss in Nuremberg”, explains Boss.


One participant in the travelling delegation last year was Andreas Müller, CEO DGS Druckguss-Systeme AG, Switzerland. He says: “Due to the outstandingly well-organized and highly-regarded trade fair combined with participation at the conference last year, we have decided to also exhibit this year at China Diecasting ourselves. We assume that, as a result, we will be able to reach all relevant customers and business partners for our ‘lightweight design’ key segment and are looking forward to the event.”