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China's Electrolytic Aluminum Supply Side Reform Kicked Off
- Apr 19, 2017 -

Last week, Xinjiang Changji government decided to stop  illegal construction of electrolytic aluminum  projects sponsored by three related companies respectively.These ilegal projects would offer 200 millon tons of aluminum products,and tigger fatal polutions.

Yesterday, some media reported that China will take special action  to wipe out illegal activities in electrolytic aluminum industry.

According to the report, in the Apirl,the Four Ministries and Commissions at the National Development and Reform Commission ,issued a notice for wiping out illegal activities in electrolytic aluminum industry and reducing the suplus production of electrolytic aluminum.

This action will last for 6 months.Before September 15,2017,Development and Reform Commission sa well as  other ministries will take random inspection to the related state-owned enterprises and other related companies.

Thus some estimates that the aluminum price will rise to 16,000-18,000 RMB/Ton,(2336-2628 US$/Ton).Today,the Changjiang  Spot(morning) aluminum is 14090 RMB/Ton(2057US$/Ton).If the aluminum do rise to the skyhigh price ,it will definately hit the expopting of aluminum products.