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How Differences Between Seamless Aluminum Tube With Welded Extruded Aluminum Tube
- Jan 23, 2017 -

Perforated extrusion of seamless aluminum tube, and extruded aluminum tube (the welding of aluminum tube) is the use of porthole die extrusion, extrusion in different ways. Seamless aluminum tube pressure better than welded aluminum tubes, seamless texture more uniform, welded pipe in some chemical composition of weld will have a small amount of burning, so the poor mechanical properties with seamless! But not that much! If the seamless pipe is recommended for bending pipe! Welding pipe easy to crack! Bending radius is large, no problem!
Aluminum tubes in the same circumstances:
Seamless aluminum tube can be fluid with 1, such as: water punch, air and hydraulic, machined parts, grinding form, and other important parts.
2, welded aluminum tubes are usually structural support, as some do not need too high precision components, more general support to, but on the used fluid pressure on the limited. Seamless aluminum tube in performance than the seam performance of aluminum tube, and bear the weight higher than welded aluminum tubes.