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Insulation Aluminum Plate Performance
- Oct 23, 2017 -

1, novel structure

2, decorative strong distinction between the other domestic and foreign insulation board structure, directly to the low thermal conductivity, high thermal insulation properties of rigid polyurethane by pouring foam firmly bonded to the back of the aluminum plate. Polyurethane insulation layer thickness according to different regional temperature The aluminum composite and the main structure of the solid connection, the formation of a variety of decorative effect of the external walls of the aluminum plate, processed by the shape, and then by the fluorocarbon treatment of the Aluminum Plate, , The surface clean and smooth, the use of computer color, elegant color, nice, and easy to sticky dust, to achieve the desired landscaping effect. One time to solve the insulation, external wall decoration, life, envelope structure and a series of problems Insulation aluminum plate

3, the coating weathering strong aluminum surface coating is containing KYNAR-500 up to 70% of the fluorocarbon polymer resin, after this fluorocarbon coated aluminum surface, has reached the current US AAMA60.5.2.92 quality standards. , Anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet ability, can ensure that the coating does not fade more than 20 years, not powder, do not fall off.

4, the weight of light and excellent durability of this aluminum plate light, about 7kg per square meter of quality, its tensile strength of 200N / mm2; aluminum plate elongation is high, the relative elongation of more than 10%, can withstand a high degree of bending without cracking , Toughness is good. Inside there are rigid polyurethane filling, the board firmly fixed on the keel, constitute the entire wall, so that the building structure load greatly reduced. Can withstand a general collision, the plate temperature deformation stress can be adjusted by the inter-board filling material Absorption, and thus very strong. The use of stainless steel bolts, not corrosion, with the main structure of the same life.