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Ministry Of Commerce: US' Aluminum Importing Policies Should Observe WTO Treats
- Apr 28, 2017 -

On April 27th 2017,Sun Jiwen, spokesman of Ministry of Commerce ,said China has expressed great concern on the United States recently adopted  restrictions on the import of foreign aluminum products.China has been estimating the forthcoming lost of Chinses aluminum mindustry and international aluminum industry,caused by US actions.He hopes that China and US can mend the problem by coversations and negotations.

For some time, the United States has repeatedly carried out trade relief measures to save the US aluminum industry, lauching 332 investigations,employing administrative review to imported

aluminum extrusion materials ,conducting double investigations for Chinese aluminum foil products etc.

“With the integration of domestic and foreign resources, Chinese aluminum industry aims  to meet domestic demands,and has achieveda rapid development.Now it has become a highly competitive and market-oriented industriy, which  not only promotes the global aluminum industry and the development of aluminum applications but also suprs the country's upstream and downstream industries and economic development.”Said Sun in the  Regular Conference at Ministry of Commerceon on April 27,2017.

Sun said“We call on the US side to take up the responsibility to safeguard the multilateral trade orders, hoping that the relevant US actions and measures are in line with the relevant treats of the WTO.”