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Pattern Aluminum Plate With Different Quality Grade Requirements
- Nov 01, 2017 -

Pattern aluminum plate can also be used for pressure or flame heating, pattern aluminum plate correction should be used Aluminum Plate or profile straightening machine. Hand hammer should be used to correct the hammer pad, to prevent dent and damage. Pattern aluminum plate in the ambient temperature below 12 ℃, not cold correction and cold bending. After the correction of the pattern of Aluminum Plate should not have significant dent and damage, the depth of the surface scratches shall not be greater than 0.5-0.7% 16Mn for seamless steel pipe in a material.

ABCD said the quality grade pattern aluminum quality grade is divided into ABCD four, by the AD that the quality from low to high. Patterns of aluminum different quality requirements are as follows: A SPCMnSi chemical composition and fufyδ5δ10 according to the needs of the buyer can provide 1800 cold bending test, but no impact work requirements, pattern Aluminum Plate and carbon content is not as a delivery condition. B provides SPCMnSi chemical composition and fufyδ5δ10 cold bend 180 test. Also provides +200C when the impact of Ak ≥ 27JC in addition to the same requirements as the B level, but also to provide 00C when the impact of Ak ≥ 27JD ---- in addition to the requirements of the same level B, but also to provide the impact of -200C Ak ≥ 27JE addition And the same as the B-level requirements, but also provide -400C impact force Ak ≥ 27J elongation after breaking (σ) tensile test, the specimen after the withdrawal of the length of the length of the length of the distance from the original standard length Elongation. Denoted by σ, the unit is calculated as: where: L1 - the length of the gauge after the specimen is pulled off, mmL0 - the original gauge length of the specimen, mm.