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State Council: China To Accelerate Capacity Cuts In Aluminum And Other Sectors
- Aug 25, 2017 -

 Efforts have been required to promote industry transformation and upgrading and de-leveraging at one State Council’s executive meeting on Aug. 23, chaired by Premier Li Keqiang. 

The meeting called for taking effective measures to complete overcapacity elimination targets in steel and coal sectors . Meanwhile, work on capacity cuts in thermal power, aluminum and other sectors should be also enhanced, and newly-added capacities should be strictly monitored. Following the news, Changjang spot aluminum surged by 390 CNY /Ton on Thursday .

Stated-owned aluminum companies benefits a lot from the surging aluminum price.As many private aluminum companies are forced to cut their capacity, and some aluminum are closed.One stated-owned aluminum company has been in great loss from 2009-2016, however in H1 2017, it made tenfold profits compared with the same time of last year.

While a famous private aluminum enterprise's stock is shorted.This company's stock  suffers a long term trading halt. 2017 is a tough year for private companies.