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The Newly Published Six Bauxite Resources Bases In China
- Jun 04, 2017 -

A Brief Introduction to the Distribution of Bauxite in China

China's bauxite is mainly distributed in Guangxi, Henan, Shanxi, Guizhou.The total reserves of these areas account  for 91.17% of the national reserves. Shanxi is China's bauxite resources province, the cumulative proven reserves of the country's total reserves of 42%, ranking first in the country.

The latest planning of the six bauxite resources bases are as follow:

1.The cnetral region of Shanxi Province

2.The south  region of  Shanxi Province

3.The west  region of Shanxi Province

4.The northwest region  of Henan Province

5.The southwes  region t of Yunan Province