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What Is Embossed Aluminum Plate?
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Embossed pattern aluminum is actually a kind of aluminum, the so-called aluminum plate refers to the use of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy material through pressure processing (shear or sawing) to obtain cross-section rectangular, uniform thickness of the rectangular data; And embossed pattern refers to the aluminum plate on the basis of the aluminum, after rolling through the appearance of a variety of stripes of aluminum products.

Embossed pattern aluminum plate varieties:

Embossed pattern aluminum is also a variety of varieties, but usually based on different classification, the variety is also different, and its detailed classification of the following two:

(By the content of 99.9 or more high-purity aluminum rolling), pure aluminum (the composition of the basic aluminum from the rolling), aluminum alloy (from aluminum (aluminum) by the aluminum alloy And auxiliary alloy composition, usually aluminum, aluminum, aluminum, aluminum, aluminum and magnesium, and other series), composite aluminum plate! Weld plate (through a variety of information combined approach to get special use of aluminum material) and so on.

According to the thickness of the embossed aluminum plate, the embossed pattern aluminum plate can be divided into thin plate, the custom plate, the middle plate, the thick plate, the thick plate, etc., the same as the standard embossed pattern aluminum use space and the category is different of.

Embossed pattern aluminum use:

Embossed pattern aluminum plate is widely used, its primary can be used for the following major categories, such as: lighting, solar reflective film, the appearance of the building, interior decoration, furniture, cabinets, elevators, signs, nameplate, car table decoration, Decoration, household appliances, aerospace and military aspects, such as China's current large aircraft production, mechanical parts processing, mold making, chemical / insulation pipe coating, etc. Care, trust in the future development of science and technology process, embossed pattern The use of aluminum will be more extensive.