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aluminum alloy 1050 thermal conductivity

  • High-quality-5052 Aluminum Plate

    High-quality-5052 Aluminum Plate5052 aluminum alloys is well known for its resistance to corrosion (particularly from salt water), as well as its strength and durability. 5052 aluminum sheets are a popular choice for many different projects. Thickness: 0.5mm-50mm Width:500mm-2000mm Lenght:1000mm-5000mmRead More

  • High Quality Aluminum Circle/Disc

    High Quality Aluminum Circle/DiscAluminum circle/disc is of good thermal conductivity,high corrosion resistance. It is bright and light . More over its price is cheap.Thus aluminum circles/discs are widely used in the electronics components, household appliances and other industries.Read More

  • For Battery System Customized 8011 Aluminum Plate

    For Battery System Customized 8011 Aluminum Plate8011 aluminum alloy Product Features 1.Stable mechanical performance ; low ear rate ,steady less than 2%, on ears for some products . 2.Good plasticity capable of deep drawing for 75mm high cap ,free of "orange peel " defects after stamping 3.Better surface quality and uniform fine...Read More

  • Deep Stramping Aluminum Foil

    Deep Stramping Aluminum Foil1.Name: Aluminum Strip for deep stamping 2.Alloy No.: 1100 1050 1060 3003 3004 3104 3005 5005 5052 3.Temper: O H12/22 H14/24 H16/26 H18 H19 4.Size: Thickness:0.21-3.0mm(tolerance:+/-0.02mm) Width: 16-1600mm(tolerance:+/-1mm) 5.Inner Diameter:75/150/300/400/500MM(Aluminum , Steel or Paper Core)...Read More

  • Aluminum Strip/foil/plate For Power Battery

    Aluminum Strip/foil/plate For Power BatteryOur 3003 H14 aluminum foil/strip/plate is used as the main stock for power battery shell of electro-mobile and hybrid electric vehicle.Read More

  • Professional Factory Supply 7075 Aluminum Plate

    Professional Factory Supply 7075 Aluminum PlateAluminum alloy 7075 is an aluminum alloy, with zinc as the primary alloying element. It is strong, with a strength comparable to many steels, and has good fatigue strength and average machinability, but has less resistance to corrosion than many other...Read More

  • 1060 Aluminum Strip For Electric Cable Armouring

    1060 Aluminum Strip For Electric Cable Armouring1060-O aluminum strip has high electric conductivity, high ductility. It is now mainly used for electric cable armouring and transformer winding. 1060 aluminum strip's price is cheap as it does not require special processing techniques.Read More

  • Brazing Aluminum Foil

    Brazing Aluminum FoilAluminium brazing material production Complex assemblies can be turned into single unit by just one pass through a brazing furnace. Aluminium brazing facilitates the joining of parts with a near-eutectic Ai-Si filler alloy, the liquid temperature which is about 50 ºC lower than that of the core....Read More

  • 3003 Series Grade Reflective Aluminum Plate

    3003 Series Grade Reflective Aluminum PlateAL 3003 is an alloy with very good corrosion resistance and moderate strength. Excellent weldability, formability, with good mechinability makes 3003 Aluminum Sheet, coil and tread plate is popular and economical choice in Appliance Components. Alloy 3003 can be cold worked to produce tempers with a higher strength but a lower ductility while not heat-treated or used in casting.Read More

  • 1050 Aluminium Busbar

    1050 Aluminium Busbar1050 aluminium busbar belongs to EC grade aluminum busbar. Aluminum bus bars are often used as electrical conductors in power distribution systems, where heat can easily be dissipated. Because of the low value of the metal, it can be the best economic option for the application. Product Details:...Read More